Autumn is well and truly among us and the change of season has brought with it golden crisp mornings, cozy candle lit evenings and every excuse to start getting festive. Autumn for me means golden landscapes, huge cups of coffee, pumpkin spiced everything, rainy evenings reading, and windy Sunday walks. So this post will be all about how I have made my home and lifestyle fit for the season and ready for the Christmas festivities that are among us (I’m just slightly excited!).
14813047_1304277336258841_92645990_oTransitioning my home through the seasons, no matter to what extent, helps me adjust to the changes that each season brings and keeps me motivated and optimistic throughout the colder and darker months. Tackling the cold was first on our agenda so we switched up our usual cushions for an array of super soft cozy ones. As far as cushions and blankets are concerned, its the more the merrier in my books. This grey mauve colour creates a really neutral base on which to add autumnal and  christmas additions to your home. Also the mixed textures of these cushions really adds to the cozy and snug feel of the room whilst the stag print on just the one cushion hints at the festivities to come.











14876091_1304277429592165_1684104409_o14881583_1304277402925501_1970931370_o.jpgCandles are another Autumn essential, they can transition you really well into a season and my favourite scent this month is ‘creamy pumpkin’ which smells exactly like drinking a pumpkin spice latte, it isn’t super strong but still gives off a subtle spiced aroma, perfect for cozy evenings in. We also found this candle holder which just screams autumn, I have always loved wreaths but since we have an apartment and therefore a shared front door, this candle wreath is more practical for us, but if you have a front door of your own, wreath away!  I am also going to take this accessory into Christmas by filling it with baubles and adding a winter scent to the mix. This is a perfect coffee table piece and adds those golden and auburn hues to our living room. We also added this golden plate that we found in Tiger for a more festive feel, I also plan on using this for snacks during Christmas when we have friends and family over. Tiger are such a good shop for home accessories, especially seasonal pieces as they are relatively inexpensive which is great when your buying items that you aren’t going to use all year round and perhaps don’t want to spend too much money on.

What is Autumn without pumpkins? For me pumpkins are the perfect addition to any home in late October. The colour pumpkins add to a room is incredibly festive and fun. We have a mixture of fake and real pumpkins in this wicker basket we keep by the fireplace. The fake pumpkins are from Tiger and the real ones we picked up from a local flower stall. We also added some gourds which are miniature pumpkin like vegetables that come in various colours and shapes. This basket of pumpkins are my favourite autumnal addition to our home. We do also plan on carving the pumpkins when it gets closer to Halloween and putting them outside our building so everyone can enjoy them.

14859596_1304277532925488_1599588904_o  14876397_1304277372925504_1332140716_o

We have recently been working on a frame wall in our living room and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to switch out some of our prints in favour of some more autumnal ones. We have added a stag print and also picked frames to add gold and copper accents to the room. I also bought this light up message board from Scribbler (which is also where I work so discount -Yay!) and we have added this to the wall which I think gives it a new dimension. We put an autumnal quote on it and are really happy with how this turned out. This item is also super transitional and you can use it for birthdays, holidays and just all year round just by changing the letters, it also looks incredible lit up at night.

14796246_1304277469592161_129883017_o        14807965_1304277426258832_2051786543_o

Finally, just a few lifestyle changes that get me super excited for the season; firstly, switching up my breakfast is a must for me as it is the only thing that will get me out of bed as the mornings get darker and colder.I have been having spiced apple and cinnamon toasted oats with soya yoghurt (which I tried due to a suggestion from my friend Cara and have been hooked ever since) and then I just add whatever fruit I have in to it. It is the best breakfast ever and so much more exciting than toast and ofcourse, very autumnal. Also we have been going on a lot more walks because we would be stupid not to take advantage of how beautiful Bath looks this month by exploring all the parks and fields.


I hope this post has given you some Autumnal inspiration and that I have passed on some of my excitement for the festive seasons ahead. Again, I am sorry for how late this post is going up, I am completley bogged down doing my masters but I will try and get better at organising my time!

Wishing you all the happiest of Autumns,

Phoebe Francesca x

14805474_1304281082925133_1187221078_n    14876166_1304277559592152_1416539452_o









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