November not only consists of the build up to Christmas but is also the month that my birthday falls. It has been a super exciting month for me but also one full of essay planning and presenations due to the many university deadlines ahead. As a result I have done zero Christmas shopping so this ‘Love List’ will work in two ways; to show you all the beautiful things I have been loving this month and secondly as a gift guide for those of you who have, like me, left Christmas shopping to the last minute (despite having promised myself I would have it completed in November). A lot of the products feautured in this post I received for my birthday and all will be linked where possible.

15368776_1352085214811386_1255193769_o              15397780_1352076824812225_1739267459_o

I am going to start with my most favourite thing, I have been after one of these since I first saw them on pinterest and had been begging for one since about September. I honestly don’t know what I could want more than a blanket that doubles up as mermaid tail. Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid?

15354321_1352076614812246_984300822_oThis mermaid tail blanket was a present from my boyfriend for my birthday, they are from Asos and retail at £32 which is kind of pricey for a blanket, but if you’re a student then you can save 10%. Also I know they sell these blankets on a few other sites, however I’d rather play it safe as I trust Asos as a company and I can also testify that these blankets are really good quality and are a super thick material. They come in a few different colours (pink, grey, lilac) but mint is my favourite colour of all time and probably the most mermaid-y (that should totally be a word).  They would make the best Christmas presents and I have already gifted a pink one to my Sister as her birthday was a few days after mine and being mermaids was a childhood dream for us both.

The next thing I am loving this month, is this O Bag. I was lucky enough to recieve this as a gift from my sister and apparently I am completly out the loop as I had never heard of this brand. But it is honestly the coolest concept ever and again, a great gift idea if you’re wanting to spoil someone this Christmas with something a little bit different.

15419444_1352076131478961_1563159106_oSo you basically buy a base bag, my sister chose a beautiful grey/mauve colour bucket bag and handles that matched, and then (this is the fun part), you can accesorise the bag with so many different add ons. So my sister picked out this beautiful grey faux fur trim which is super festive. So the idea is that you can continue purchasing different trims, tops, handles and even bases to mix and match your bag for different seasons, events and outfits. It is such a cool concept and the bags are incredibly durable and beautifully designed. You should definitly check them out if you are like me and have never heard of them before. Mine is the perfect festive accessory for this time of year.

Another thing, which wasn’t a birthday present, but something I have found myself using again on a daily basis to keep myself organised as university becomes forever more hectic is this weekly planner.

15368946_1352076374812270_1548100821_o  15417784_1352076301478944_1760050424_o

I bought this way back a couple of years ago but it is one of those things you can just pick up and start using whenever life gets busy. So it’s basically a weekly notebook but undated, I use it along side my diary as a day-by-day ‘to do’ list. It is really useful to use at the start of the week to jot out what you need to get done and set out how much time you have for each thing. I am one of those people that really enjoys crossing things off lists so at the end of the week when I have a whole list of things ticked off it makes me extremely happy. Also the actual notebook itself is beautiful, I bought it a shop called ‘Found’ but it is by a company called Moglea. Another great gift for anyone with a busy schedule this Christmas.

15409711_1352076451478929_2095883351_oThis next thing is something I am not loving yet, but will soon be enjoying every monring from the 13th! It has been kind of a tradition for my mum to buy me and my Sister Benefit advent calanders and we both got one this year (since our birthdays fall just before Christmas). I love a beauty advent calander and the Benefit ones are fab. They have small sized products rather than sample sized and they are all best selling products that include ‘they’re real’ mascara ‘dandelion’ blush, ‘Watts Up’ highligher and so many more that you will actually use. The only down fall this year is that they have made it a twelve day calander rather than a twenty 15387413_1352076254812282_305337229_ofour day one, so I plan on starting mine on the 13th and opening a door a day up until the 25th. I have been able to picture some pf the products here that I still have from last year, as despite being small they last a really long time and the packaging of both the calander itself and the mini products is beautiful making it an incredible gift. I am really excited to start opening this advent calander and you could still buy it as a gift for someone this Christmas as it isn’t a regualar twenty four day calander so you could even start on Christmas day!

Whilst were on the topic of Benefit, my Brother kindly bought me ‘The Pore-fessional‘ for my birthday (pictured above). This is THE best primer I have ever used, I had actually already used this as I got it in a previous advent calander. You only need the smallest amount and it provides the smoothest base for applying foundation and it helps your makeup last so much longer.

15369684_1352076284812279_773600691_o    15419295_1352076984812209_1816294144_o

Lastly, I received the cutest bobble hat from Joules. Which I spotted whilst shopping with my boyfriend and he kindly bought it for me. It is in a really light grey colour and has a fleece lining so it is the warmest thing ever. The thing I love the most about this hat which makes it different from others I have seen,  is the baby pink bobble which  is actually on a popper so you can mix and match with other colours. I have worn this pretty much every day since I got it because it is so warm and so cute !

Lastly I just want to say a huge thank you for all the birthday wishes and I am so grateful for everything I got for my birthday this year (including all the beautiful things not mentioned in this post), and a huge thank you to my sister for hosting the cutest gathering with all my family!

15419225_1352085181478056_1272036920_o          15398973_1352085158144725_1318614478_o

I hope this has provided some gift inspiration for the Christmas season, even if you just want to treat yourself !

Phoebe Francesca x







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