I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY and also super poorly which really sucks because the first week of the new year is always my absolute favourite. I love starting a fresh chapter with a new outlook about what I want to achieve. January is always my most productive month as I always have the most ambition and optimism. However, this year I got struck down with the flu for a solid week and have also had 3, 4,000 word essays to keep me busy. So this new years resolutions post is coming to you a little late but with the best intentions that will hopefully keep you pumped in your first couple of weeks trying to get started on your new years aims. I have compiled a small list of things I want to get done/get better at this year so, LET’S DO THIS…

IS A NEW YEARS POST EVEN A NEW YEARS POST IF IT DOESN’T INCLUDE GETTING ABS? So naturally my first new years resolution is to get way more toned. Summer is fast approaching and like everyone, I ate my body weight over Christmas. So as part of my new year health kick I have up’d my work out game, (basically by 100%, since I was legit doing zero physical activity in December). I find what works for me is doing H.I.T training which basically means high-intensity interval training, this suits me best because there is literally no way in hell that I could go to the gym for an hour. So I usually do this in my apartment from youtube videos. My fave is ‘Biogilates‘ and I usually do a ten minute ab or core routine. I try to do this daily, the first few days kill, and then as I get better I will up it to twice a day. These workouts are super good for tiring you out before bed if you struggle sleeping. Biogilates youtube channel is so motivating, the workouts are really good and you can feel it and see it working within days which is all you want from a quick workout, so really do check her out because she is awesome!


TIPS&TRICKS – In the morning put on your gym stuff straight away and then you’re already commited to doing your workout, also getting it done in the morning means your not thinking about it all day.

STAYING HYDRATED – I basically don’t drink enough water ever so this year I want to make a real conscious effort to drink a lot more water. In the past when I have tried super hard to drink more I really notice the effects, my skin is so much clearer and I end up not snacking so much because half the time when you think you are hungry you are actually just thirsty. WHO KNEW? So, I have started carrying around a water bottle wherever I go, I do plan on getting a cute one but just havn’t gotten round to it yet.

TIPS&TRICKS- Try to drink a whole glass of water when you wake up and before you go to bed and make sure you have access to water throughout your day.

BECOMING A MERMAID- As much as being a mermaid is a genuine life dream of mine, I am mainly referencing hair growth. I set growing my hair as a new years resolution for 2016 and I am so happy to say that I stuck with my routine and really looked after my hair and it has grown SO much. I am so happy with it but I am about an inch or so off of my goal hair length (is it sad that I have a goal hair length?) So I bascially have cut down massively on how much heat I apply to my hair, I try to only straighten it once after its been washed as usually on the second day it is still kind of straight. Alongside just generally treating my hair better I do take hairburst tablets. I know these are all over instagram and you’re probably thinking I have fallen for an internet scam. But these pills do work. They basically contain all the vitimins you should have in your daily diet that you probbaly don’t get in the quantities that you need everyday. I have taken hairburst for about a year now and the results have been amazing, my hair never used to grow past a certain length but with these tablets it grows so quickly and gives my hair a stronger texture. Obviously these things are super subjective and can work on some people and not on others but if you were like me and really stuck in a rut with hair that never grows then I really would give these a go.

15967773_1384902714862969_291724484_o             16106785_1384902354863005_531544039_o

TIPS&TRICKS- Take these tablets in the morning before eating anything, with a glass of water (secret way to get your water in at the same time!) and hair oil is your new best friend.

STAYING ON TOP OF WORK- I am so good at being organised in the first couple of weeks of term or at the begining of the year, but maintaining this is a complete different story. I have such a heavy work load at university and on top of that work two to three days a week, so time management is key. I have to plan out all my days so I know when to fit work in around my schedule. I have mentioned this weekly planner in previous posts but it is a literal god sent, I do not know what I would do without it. This year I am aiming to stick to my plans and get ahead of university work by reading a week ahead of schedule.

16010483_1384901844863056_1111229436_o                15991637_1384901868196387_1245393622_o

TIPS&TRICKS- Every morning use your planner to write out a list of things you want to achieve that day, try to make this list in priority order and basically don’t go to bed until you’ve done everything on it- brutal but effective.

BEING A BETTER JUDGE OF CHARACTER- Getting onto the deep stuff with this resolution. I have always figured myself a good judge of character however in hindsight I have let my heart judge situations over my head. Basically this year I want to speak my mind more and not keep friends in my life that are not loyal or good for me. I think the general lesson I have learnt from 2016 is that if someone is not nice or respectful to their other friends or other people around them, then they are most likely not a nice person to you or in general and you just don’t need that negativity in your life. On a more cheery note, I want to get better at being the best possible friend that I can be to the people in my life that are great and do genuinely care and matter.

TIPS&TRICKS- A good facebook friend deleting spree usually does the job, literally just get rid of anyone that doesn’t add anything to your life and positivity will follow.

BEING GRATEFUL- I got gifted this ‘one line a day‘ journal at the begining of last year and although I didn’t use it everyday, looking back at all my entries from 2016 was so much fun and made me really appreciate my year and everything that happened. This journal is a really good and quick way of documenting your days. I am trying out writing what I am grateful for on each day, just to switch things up a bit, and also big events that have happened and little things that have made me happy. Also documenting negative aspects of your days is really useful when looking back on your year and seeing what you have accomplished and got through.

15966926_1384901734863067_1271510287_o            15992104_1384901638196410_358691340_o

TIPS&TRICKS- Keep this journal by your bed with a pen and then it will be the last thing you see before you go to bed and a reminder to fill it in every night.

EAT BEAUTIFUL- So as a Christmas present my Mum bought my sister this book called ‘Eat Beautiful‘ by Wendy Rowe, and after flicking through the pages we all fell in love with it, causing my Mum to by another two copies for her and myself. It is the most inspiring healthy eating book that basically explains all the foods you should be eating for your specific skin, body, hair and age type. The recipes are beautiful and it has just given us all that extra kick in terms of eating right and well this year. In additon to worshiping this bible I am cutting down on my meat and dairy intake, I basically don’t eat meat until dinner and sometimes not even then either and I don’t drink any milk anymore which has only really impacted my coffees, which are now soya. I have found cutting down on dairy really impacts my skin and also makes me way less bloated and eating less meat is just a personal preference, I don’t eat red meat anyway and I have found I don’t overly miss meat from my diet either.

15978670_1384929424860298_44140782_n           15967365_1384929391526968_1263111149_o

TIPS&TRICKS- Soya yoghurt is the best thing I have ever eaten, have it with fruit and granola for breakfast and thank me later. Also just be mindful about what you are putting into your body and stay hydrated.

SLEEP- Finally, I really want to try and get a better sleeping pattern. I so badly want to be a morning person but I suck. I have been trying my hardest to get to sleep before 11 every night and wake up before 9 but I am finding it super difficult. If you have any tips on this I would greatly appreciate them. I am trying to not eat after 8pm so that I don’t have too much energy and then also working out an hour before bed so that I am tired. I think maybe I am stressed with my work load and thats why I can’t sleep but its something I am working on.

TIPS&TRICKS- Do it in stages, start off getting up half an hour earlier than you would normally and then slowly increase this until you are getting up at your desired time.

So those are generally all my new years resolutions, if you have any tips and tricks to add please let me know. I hope you all have the most wonderful new year !

Phoebe Francesca x









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