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To kick off the new year, I have compiled a short list of books that are super motivating, inspiring, health-related and some that are just beautiful additions to your bookshelf. I am going to mention six books that represent quite different genres, but each have inspired or moved me in some way and I feel they need to be shared.

EAT SMART – This is a recent addition to the bookshelf, following a new years resolution to get healthier and fitter. Niomi Smart is one of my favourite YouTubers and her videos are great for inspiring you to eat healthier and just generally have a fitter lifestyle. She bought out this vegan cookbook at the end of last year and it is beautiful. I am not vegan but the recipes are incredible and it makes cutting out meat and dairy a lot easier knowing that that doesn’t equate to flavourless and boring food. Even if you have no interest in cutting out animal products, these recipes are delicious and this book is a beautiful starting point to get you thinking about being healthier and introducing healthier alternatives and staples to your lifestyle.


EAT BEAUTIFUL – Very similar vibe to ‘Eat Smart’ and I did mention this in my new years resolutions post. This healthy eating bible is all about nourishing yourself from the inside out. These are not diet books but books that help to educate you on what you should be eating for your specific size, hair type, skin type, age etc. that will help you look and feel your best. Just flicking through this book will help to motivate you in getting healthier and fitter, and the rose gold accents on the cover of both of these books look beautiful on any bookshelf or coffee table.



NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL – Written by one of my absolute heroes, Lena Dunham, this is a hillarious collection of writings about being a girl in today’s world. Lena is so relatable, honest and smart. This book is almost a collection of lessons and experiences that are so moving and important, Lena is like a big sister, helping other girls out there who feel lonely, self conscious, different, and just uncomfortable. I feel every girl goes through these feelings in her life, this book is a comfort and a helping hand as well as an incredible addition to feminist literature. 16145553_1393518437334730_894638400_o

WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS – As a feminist I believe every single person should read this book. It is a 52 tiny paged booklet by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that explains the importance of feminism through a very short but important personal story. It inspires inclusion and awareness and highlights the true, twenty-first century meaning of feminism. There is also a talk that includes this specific text by Chimamanda on Tedx, which is equally as good. I just like having this book on hand at home for those people I meet who are intrigued by me being a feminist and I have actually found that after reading this, every single person is caused to think about feminism in a different way to what they once understoodand, and can identify with it on some level.


LATE FRAGMENTS – This memoir by Kate Gross is easily in my top five favourite books of all time. My Dad sent this to me a couple of years ago and it has left a mark on me ever since, it is both tremendously sad and hugely inspiring. Kate Gross had an incredibly important job working for two presidents in 10 Downing Street, a beautiful husband and two twin boys but was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after giving birth. She writes this book as a gift to herself and to her family, and as an important message to her sons of all the things she would never get to say to them but wanted them to know. This is not a depressing cancer story but a beautiful reminder of how precious life is and also an inspiring text that teaches you to embrace every moment. Despite my copy being tear-stained, I can not recommend this book enough.


KIKKI.K PAPER LOVER’S BOOK – Lastly, on a much less serious note this book was gifted to me by my sister for Christmas, from one craft-lover to another. It is by the beautiful stationary brand kikki.K, and it a book with lots of different crafts, cards and decorations to make and send, all from patterend paper. There is so many different and original ideas from prints to put in frames to present toppers and banners. I can not wait to get started using this, and also a perfect gift.

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I hope this post has provided a wide range of books that can inspire, motivate and move you and I can not recommend each of these books more.

Happy Reading!

Phoebe Francesca x




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